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The Yaser Fanari T.W. Quality Control has the ultimate purpose to assure the Main Contractor & Client/Consultant that the permanent works are constructed, and handed over in compliance with the standards and the requirements stated in the Contract documents.
The Yaser Fanari T.W. Quality Control places effective controls on functions of Contract execution that affect quality from the review and planning of Contract to the Completion of the works. Documentary evidence of conformance to these controls is maintained to give assurance to Main Contractor & Client/Consultants that the Quality Control is being adhered to.
The quality system is focused on:
The Management Team efforts with regard to the review and planning of the Contract, the issue of clear, comprehensive work instructions and the objective use, resolution, corrective action and preventive action from recurrence of feedback information collected.
The requirements of all personnel adhering to the documentary operations, procedures, method statements and work instructions issued to them and providing the feed-back information to allow the systems on going refinement and adjustment that further enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality System. The commitment and direction given by management and the effort and co-operation of all employees govern the effectiveness of Quality System.

This quality Plan is the principal quality document which plans and summarizes the quality system and the resources and controls for its implementation on the project. The quality Plan has been prepared and reviewed by Yaser Fanari T.W. Managing Office.

The scope of the present Quality Plan is as follows:

Yaser Fanari T.W. Finishing & FF E works (construction and supply) as defined in the tender documents & subcontractor work in the subcontract agreements.

The purpose of the Quality Plan is to ensure that:

Yaser Fanari T.W., quality requirements as expressed in the Contract are understood and meet. Yaser Fanari T.W. Quality System is planned, documented, communicated, understood by Project personnel, implemented and audited.

Organization: The Project Organization Chart shows the key project positions and their interface as explained in the present Plan. Full Yaser Fanari T.W. Site organization shall be available and controlled independently of this document. Organization Chart changes (if any) will be done separately to this PQP. Therefore, this PQP will not be revised every time the organization charts are revised.

Is ultimately responsible for the quality of all work comprised within the Contract, all managers and supervisors are directly responsible for the quality of the work or services performed by their workforce and are required to participate actively in the Quality System.

Reporting lines are as shown in the attached organization charts. Detailed management responsibilities are as stated in this Project Quality Plan and in the applicable Quality Management Procedures.