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interior design companies in sharjah

Top Interior Design Companies in Sharjah | Reshape Your Space!

Sharjah, one of the seven emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates (UAE), presents exciting opportunities for innovative interior design. Skilled designers frequently transform homes and offices in the cosmopolitan city. This article showcases several premier interior design companies in Sharjah known for their creative visions and dedication to client satisfaction.

Yaser Fanari

Yaser Fanari is an expert at blending traditional and modern styles together in a way that looks great. Their designs are a fascinating mix of cultural history and modern ideas, creating places where the past and present live together in peace. By adding culture elements to a modern setting, they make places that feel nostalgic while still accepting the appeal of modern design. Each place strikes a nice balance between classic customs and new styles, creating a warm, familiar, and pleasantly modern atmosphere.

Decorilla Design Studio

Decorilla Design Studio, led by Maria Al Qassimi, embraces bold concepts executed flawlessly. Whether modern living quarters or heritage structures, Decorilla crafts harmonious interiors through impeccable attention to detail. A recent project saw Decorilla transform a villa overlooking the Arabian Gulf into a minimalist oasis. Sleek lines and natural materials, such as polished concrete and bleached wood, are used to create a sense of serenity and to maximize the beautiful coastal views. The discreet lighting and bespoke furnishings add a touch of balanced luxury. Decorilla also restored a 19th-century fortress, painstakingly preserving cultural patrimony. Traditional architectural elements, such as arched openings and decorative plasterwork, have been restored while also sensitively incorporating modern amenities. The end result blends a respect for heritage with contemporary comfort.

Emmanuelle Interiors

Situated along the Sharjah Corniche, Emmanuelle Interiors emphasizes personalized service. Directors Emmanuelle Karam and Rana Kahale draw from diverse influences to create unique spaces reflecting clients’ tastes. A current project involves renovating an art gallery within a restored souk. Traditional barrel-vaulted ceilings and kilim-wrapped walls establish an atmosphere while track lighting and floating shelves optimize the display. Semi-private meeting areas incorporate salvaged wood and limestone to blend history with functionality. Emmanuelle Interiors also redesigned a dental clinic. Sleek modernity in the waiting area gives way to a more serene treatment area where recessed lighting, natural fibers and aromatherapy create a spa-like environment conducive to patient well-being.

Studio Arabesque

Founded over two decades ago, Studio Arabesque continues to innovate under Nadine Mahmoud Atieh’s leadership. The studio fuses craft traditions with contemporary techniques for warm yet sleek spaces. One noteworthy undertaking involved converting a 1960s villa into a family home. The design of the space incorporated both retro and modern elements. For example, suspended brass pendant lighting and vintage tilework were paired with modular seating and track lighting, creating a balance between nostalgia and updated features. Studio Arabesque also redesigned educational facilities, including a school featuring an “indoor garden” library with living green walls and a multimedia courtyard enhanced by an origami-inspired pergola providing dappled shade.

Deco Arabia

Positioned at the nexus of East and West, Deco Arabia Interior Design implements innovative solutions firmly grounded in regional sensibilities. Directors Randa and Randa Abdo prioritize environmental sustainability alongside aesthetic magnificence. Their portfolio highlights include award-winning “green” apartments, a luxury eco-lodge and solar-powered office structures clad in locally sourced natural materials. With key projects underway in Sharjah and beyond, Deco Arabia remains at the vanguard of the sustainable design movement while celebrating traditional crafts.

Zahrat Al Khaleej

Specializing in bespoke kitchen interior design companies in Sharjah, Zahrat Al Khaleej adeptly blends function and beauty. Co-founders Amal Al Qassim and Maryam Al Ali fuse streamlined layouts optimized for comfort and convenience with a warm ambiance. Zahrat Al Khaleej puts equal stock in upscale finishing choices as seamlessly integrating the latest appliances. Past achievements feature ultra-modern kitchen installations for lavish villas plus contemporary bath remodels distinguished by eye-catching tilework and fixtures. Headquartered on Sharjah’s bustling University City thoroughfare, Zahrat Al Khaleej continues to enhance indoor living spaces throughout the emirate.

Nourel Haidar Design Atelier

With creativity at its core, Nourel Haidar Design Atelier delivers inspiring residential and commercial visions. Led by designer Nourel Haidar, the studio specializes in bold transformations that maximize distinctive architectural features. Nourel Haidar is known for their carefully converting historic compounds into modern yet nostalgic homes. Their redesign of a centuries-old souk into a vibrant mixed-use complex was highly praised in the region. Nourel Haidar Design Atelier has made a lasting impact in Sharjah and beyond with their imaginative reinterpretations of traditional architectural styles.

Services Provided by Leading Interior Design Companies in Sharjah

These companies offer a wide range of services for creating and bringing to fruition residential, commercial, and specialized room designs. Their innovative ideas are brought to life through their expertise in concept development, space planning, material selection, and project management.

Office Interior Design Companies in Sharjah

Offices located within Sharjah require specialized interior design services to maximize workspace functionality while maintaining employee wellness. Decorilla Design Studio is renowned for envisioning modern, ergonomic offices that integrate bright natural lighting, lavish greenery, and tailored workstations. Studio Arabesque specializes in repurposing older commercial structures into reinvented office hubs with a balanced blend of history preservation and productivity enhancements. Zahrat Al Khaleej effectively designs luxe yet practical kitchenettes and refreshment areas within office layouts.

Interior Design Companies in Sharjah Corniche

Capitalizing on scenic waterfront views, interior design companies along Sharjah Corniche such as Emmanuelle Interiors customize residential and commercial projects with indoor/outdoor flow in mind. Floor-to-ceiling glass installations and private balconies blur the boundaries between interior and Gulf vistas. Nautical-inspired design motifs fuse with modern conveniences tailored to cosmopolitan Corniche neighborhood clients.

Interior Design Companies in Dubai and Sharjah

As the two major business hubs of the UAE, firms like Deco Arabia provide seamless design continuity when clients require work undertaken in both Dubai and Sharjah. Their expertise in sustainable materials sourced locally aids in eco-friendly builds and renovations across multiple sites in the region.

Interior Designer Companies in Sharjah

Specialist designers stationed in Sharjah offer personalized vision. Nourel Haidar Design Atelier contributes bespoke interiors inspired by clients’ unique personalities and histories. Meanwhile, kitchen and bath companies like Zahrat Al Khaleej furnish meticulously planned specialist rooms to high standards. In summary, leading interior design companies in Sharjah and surrounding emirates offer a spectrum of customized commercial and residential services targeting all project niches and scales. Their regional knowledge and fine-tuned solutions continually raise industry standards.

FAQs about Interior Design Companies in Sharjah

Q: What types of interior design services do these companies offer? A: The featured Sharjah-based firms provide a range of interior design services including space planning, concept development, material/furniture selection, construction oversight, and more. Many offer specialized capabilities such as kitchen/bath design, lighting design, heritage restoration, and sustainable design. Q: How can I hire one of these interior designers? A: To engage a designer, first gather project details and budget parameters. Then explore company websites and Instagram pages to assess design aesthetics and past work. Most firms offer free consultations – book one to discuss needs and gauge fit. If a designer seems a good match, request quotes and sign a contract initiating collaboration. Q: What budget should I plan for an interior design project? A: Budgets vary widely depending on project scope and materials. Expect to pay between 5-15% of total construction costs for design fees alone. As a rough guide, basic residential redesigns may cost $5,000-$15,000 while larger commercial projects range from $20,000-$100,000 or more. Meeting with designers helps establish realistic budgets. To begin the interior design process, it is important to efficiently utilize available resources in order to achieve one’s vision. These reputable firms based in Sharjah have demonstrated their ability to create exceptional living and working spaces.  

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